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Tour the lonee financial projection template.
This quick tour will give you a flavor for the template's reporting and data entry functions.

About the template...
Even if you aren't on intimate terms with accounting functions, in 2 to 3 hours you will be able to gather and input your relative basis data (revenue, expenses & capital requirements) to automatically create a comprehensive set of financial reports to support your analysis or presentation.
This template (workbook) is a versatile and effective tool you’ll find useful in addressing your financial forecasting and proposal needs.
A couple of points to note -
get started To get started...
• Update as necessary the flags in 'assumptions' tab.
• Enter your basis data (revenue, expenses) in the 'baseline' tab.
• Enter capital expense requirements in the 'capital' tab.
• You're good to go - the other tabs (reports, statements, ratios and charts) update automatically as you enter/update your data.
financial statements Financial Statements
    Five year annual and monthly Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements are available along with many charts and worksheets to support your presentation.
ratios & comparisons Excel® versions & compatibility
    Excel® 2010 and later is supported. Other spreadsheet programs may perform adequately as well however we have not tested other programs to the point we can certify that they will support the template (spreadsheet).

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Frequently asked questions
What is required to be downloaded or installed to use the template application?

Nothing other than the template.

Is there help documentation available?

There is template help available by clicking the 'support' link located in the initial sheet.

What is the difference between the 'business types' in the template application?

Primarily the profit & loss statement structure and expense grouping - whether there is a COG category, the title of expense groups, etc...

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