Business Pro Forma Template

We offer this complete and effective business spreadsheet template to create loan/investment proposals, what-if and acquisition analysis, business plan financials, cash flow forecasting, financial modeling, pro formas and more!

Enter your data (revenue, expenses & capital requirements) to automatically create a comprehensive collection of pro forma financial statements, charts and ratios to bring clarity to internal analysis or support a compelling presentation externally.

Don't be mislead by the low price - this workbook delivers.

What you need is included, whether you are an accounting novice or a pro. Try It Out!
Automatically generates a 5-year projection - with both monthly and annual reports.
Build it with minimal data entry or as complex as you require.
Put it together this morning and present it this afternoon.
  • Balance Sheet
  • P&L Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Detailed Line-of-Credit calculation
  • IRR/NPV Calculations
  • Amortization and Depreciation Schedules
  • Many Ratios and Charts
Notable Features:
  • Fully modifiable Excel® workbook
  • Every change is incorporated immediately
  • Complete set of fully integrated financials
  • 5 year projections - both annual and monthly
  • Percentage or fixed baseline calc
  • Seasonal revenue & cost variations
  • Detailed line-of-credit / cash flow calculation
  • Comprehensive set of reports, charts and ratios
  • Includes one-page financial recap
  • Business Plan Templates - both lean & traditional
Template is an Excel® 2010 workbook (.xlsx)
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What you get:
  • Excel® Template (download)
What it costs:
  • $25 (USD)
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