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Business Pro Forma Online

Business Pro Forma Online

We offer this complete and effective online business tool for you (as well as others you may choose to collaborate with) to create loan/investment proposals, what-if and acquisition analysis, business plan financials, cash flow forecasting, financial modeling, pro formas and more!

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Enter or import relevant data (revenue, expenses & capital requirements) to automatically create a comprehensive collection of pro forma financial statements, charts and ratios to bring clarity to internal analysis or support a compelling presentation externally.

Don't be mislead by the low price - this tool delivers.

What you need is included, whether you are an accounting novice or a pro. Try It Out!
Automatically generates a 5-year projection - with both monthly and annual reports.
Build it with minimal data entry or as complex as you require.
Put it together this morning and present it this afternoon.
  • Balance Sheet
  • P&L Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Detailed Line-of-Credit calculation
  • IRR/NPV Calculations
  • Amortization and Depreciation Schedules
  • Many Ratios and Charts
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Notable Features:
  • Complete set of fully integrated financials
  • 5 year projections - both annual and monthly
  • Can include 3 years of historical data
  • Percentage or fixed baseline calc
  • Seasonal revenue & cost variations
  • Detailed line-of-credit / cash flow calculation
  • Flexible A/R & A/P outstanding calc
  • Multi-year capital entry
  • Comprehensive set of reports, charts and ratios
  • Includes one-page financial recap
  • Upload & use your own logo in reports
  • Import source data via CSV
  • Export reports to Excel®
  • Granular user rights & access
  • Choose as many others as you wish to collaborate on a particular project
  • Read-only and full collaboration options
  • Google Drive connection & special reporting
  • Business Plan Templates - both lean & traditional
fully mobile enabled Now fully mobile enabled - should you have a need, or just a hankering, to use your phone to crunch a few numbers!
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what you get What you get:
  • 30 days online access to the application using your web browser anytime you wish
what it costs What it costs:
  • $25.00 (USD)
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If after the first month you find the online application useful and you have an ongoing need you can subscribe for a low monthly per/user cost which you can choose to stop at anytime with no further obligation.
Future new / renewal pricing subject to change.
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30-day Money Back Guarantee
We offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product/service within 30 days you will be given a full refund of your payment. 30 day money back guarantee
Think a template might serve you better Think a template might serve you better than this online tool? Click this link to check out our financial forcasting template (workbook).
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